Solar station installed in Nigeria.

Solar station installed in Nigeria.

A new solar meteorological mast or solar station was installed in Nigeria last February 2016. Works were included in a project for the development of a 50MW solar farm in Nigeria, being very important the installation of the solar station in order to achieve the project finance with the justification of the radiation data in the site where the solar farm is going to be installed.Solar_Station

Without the complexity of the installation of wind meteorological mast in Nigeria executed by Alromar in 2015, the solar station don’t require Works in heights, just the installation of a 2,5m tubular mast where all the sensors were installed.

The solar station has, one Piranometer This, in order to get the data of solar radiation, one NRG Max 40 anemometer, that gives the possibility to know the wind speed one of the factor that affects to the solar module losses due to temperature, and finally one thermo hygrometer, to register data of temperature and humidity.Solar_Station_Nigeria

All the sensors supplied by Alromar, were connected to the data-logger with modem that allows to get the data in a remote way in order to proceed with its analysis. The Data-logger was included inside an Ip65 electrical box, with his battery and solar regulator, getting the energy for the normal funcionamiento from a solar module also installed in the solar mast.

The works were executed during two day, first day the civil works were done, the fixation of the mast with an small foundations with concrete. During the second day of the installation of the solar station we proceed to the installation of the Thies pyranometer, solar panel, Gatle thermo hygrometer, NRG anemometer and the data-logger.

Once installed all the equipment’s in the solar mast station Alromar tema proceed with the startup of the data-logger checking that all the sensors works in the right way and that the communications were right.

After finishing all the works with the solar station installation Alromar team, travelled to Jos to make some reparations in one of the lattice meteorological mast installed by Alromar in 2015, in this case two Thies anemometers didn’t register any data, one at 30m and other at 81m height.

Once all the probes were made, Alromar team checked that the problems with the 30m anemometer was the cable between the Thies Anemometer and the Data-Logger Ammonit Meteo40, solving the problem with the installation of a new cable. For the 81m anemometer, it was this anemometer which was broken so we proceed to install a new Thies First Class anemometer with MEASNET calibration.

With all this works done Alromar team proceed to check that all the sensors works correctly finishing the mission with these probes.Solar_Mast_Nigeria

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